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Микростоковый форум переехал

Сообщение от Льва Долгачева на http://photographicfreedom.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1199.msg11264#msg11264

*well. i was begging to give me an opportunity to make it smooth, but i
*was just kicked off in the middle of a night, so i vicimized my sleep
*this night to set up my new place for those who was invited here by
*i was forced to wake up people at my hosting company and ask them to
*help me from homes, to be real fast, and that i will never forgive to
*Mrs. Yates, but now it's all done on my side and i can make this
*i no longer belong to this forum anymore and i'm moving away with my
*russian community to a new place.
*it's http://www.dolgachov.com/forum/ now
*i have there an entire copy on this forum with all your accounts and
*messages, except useless dead boards like "spanish, german etc".
*everyone who wants to move with me, can easily do it.
*i left only English, Russian and Turkish on my place. i expect Bora
*and Turkish contributors to move with me and continue in open-minded
*and professional company instead of greedy and let's say not smart
*"let's all be Christian and me your mother" one. "what's your puccycat
*name" is not the thing microstock pros would really like to talk
*about, if you undrestand what i mean.
*as many of you might notice i stopped to support English board of this
*forums around X-mas time due to first signs or greed and
*non-professional attitude i've noticed in the way Mrs. Yates started
*to treat me. i discussed it with Bora, he know the details. this night
*i was given a choice of eather ask a permission for my every step here
*from her and behave like her "Child in Christ" or go away. so i'm
*going away.
*unlike here, i will support English board on my new forum and will try
*to give every possible professional help to international contributors
*this is my last message here, i don't expect Mrs. Yates to be at least
*smart enough to not erase it, but maybe some of you will be quick
*enough to read it.
*my advice is - never ever deal with this lady. she used me to gather
*people here then decided to get rid of me at the moment she felt it's
*a right time for her to decorate this place with her banners. i didn't
*even get an oppottunity to setup my place first. nope. i was kicked in
*10 minutes.
*for those i brang here - sorry. i didn't know what sort of person Mrs.
*Yates is.
*no messages from me will appear here any more.
*i will gladly answer any of your questions regarding this subject on

Вкратце по-русски: Льву Долгачеву запретили модерировать русскую часть международного микростокового форума PhotographicFreedom.co.uk/forum. В ответ он ушёл с этого форума, создав свою версию стокового форума на http://www.dolgachov.com/forum/. Лев один из немногих приложил усилия для развития PhotographicFreedom.co.uk, для привлечения на него известных микростоквых фотографов. Он так же является основным продвигателем идеи микростоков в русскоязычном обществе. Он же написал известную статью о микростоках, которая сподвигла многих людей войти в этот бизнес (и меня в том числе).

Его использовали на PhotographicFreedom для раскрутки этого ресурса, а потом начали ограничивать действия, а затем и вовсе "попросили" уйти. Перевод текста, написанного выше, уже удалены на том форуме. Так что сами видите, нынешние "хозяева" форума не совсем корректные люди. Поэтому, во избежания риска, я рекомендую всех, кто зарегистрировался там, удалить свою учётную запись. И добро пожаловать на http://www.dolgachov.com/forum/! Регистрироваться на новом форуме не надо, поскольку все учётные записи легко поднимаются из бэкапа старого форума, к счастью, предоставленному Льву.

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